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  • Mario Ng

Hotel Review: The Outpost Hotel (Deluxe Room Sea View)

Sometime in May 2023, we decided to make a short trip overseas during the long weekend in June 2023. Unfortunately, the air tickets were just too expensive to make it worthwhile. Hence, from almost booking air tickets to Phnom Penh, we started searching for hotel deals in Singapore instead.

The Outpost Hotel Sentosa came up as one option. There had been many reviews on this hotel and its sister hotel, Village Hotel Sentosa, just beside it, and we wanted to book a stay to experience it. We were also intrigued by The Outpost Hotel Sentosa’s advertisement, which stated that this is an adults-only hotel. Wanting to enjoy a vacation while remaining in Singapore, we booked a two-night stay at The Outpost Hotel Sentosa!

For those who may not be aware, The Outpost Hotel Sentosa is one of four hotels in its enclave that Far East Hospitality operates. Besides The Outpost Hotel Sentosa, guests may also choose to book a stay at Village Hotel Sentosa, an offering targeted at families, The Barracks Hotel Sentosa, a premium offering for guests who want a more luxurious stay on the island, and Oasia Resort Sentosa, an offering targeting guests interested in wellness and recovery. Oasia Resort Sentosa started operations in 2021. However, it was previously operated by other entities using different names. Far East Hospitality took over the property and renamed it Oasia Resort Sentosa while keeping the infrastructure the same. Except for Oasia Resort Sentosa, the other three properties are relatively newly built, starting operations only in 2019.



  • Fantastic service

  • Great infrastructure

  • Great room designs

  • Multiple swimming pools to suit your needs



The Outpost Hotel Sentosa’s service was uniform and fantastic at all times. From the time we checked in, staff members always greeted us with a smile and were eager to please. During check-in, the staff was kind enough to inform us that there is a rooftop bar on level 7 and that music is expected to be played until 2 am every night. He then suggested that we stay on a lower floor if we are light sleepers who may be easily woken up. Thankfully, we did not experience any noise from our level 4 room throughout our stay.

As is the tradition at The Outpost Hotel Sentosa, we were provided a welcome drink in a stylish pineapple. We were then brought to a row of drawers where we were requested to pick five items as complimentary minibar snacks. Similar to how most would behave when offered multiple complimentary goodies, we took some time choosing what to take. Even though there was a queue at check-in, the staff understood how tough it was for us to select those five complimentary goodies. He was friendly and patient enough to wait while we pondered hurriedly. Afterwards, he guided us to the elevator and wished us a pleasant stay. As always, The Outpost Hotel Sentosa’s staff maintained a warm and lovely smile as he bid us goodbye.

During an afternoon tea meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Sol & Ora, the manager was attentive and made multiple rounds around the tables to ensure the guests’ needs were met. For those who prefer privacy, he made sure not to disturb them. For tables where guests enjoyed chatting, he stopped to talk with them so that guests could enjoy a conversation while relaxing at the restaurant.

Check-out was also a breeze, with payment already completed online before the stay. After collecting our key cards and issuing a card for the stored luggage, we enjoyed more of Sentosa’s attractions before finally calling it a day on our 2-night vacation.


Hotel Facilities:

The swimming pool has got to be the star of Outpost Hotel. Sharing a vast swimming pool with its sister property, Village Hotel Sentosa, the swimming pool is the star of the Far East properties in Sentosa. Although it is arguably Village Hotel Sentosa’s swimming pool, guests of Outpost Hotel are entitled to use it as well. They generally share facilities, so hotel guests enjoy the best of all worlds.

It is really a family hotel, and this explains the different themes at the swimming pool. Separated into four zones, hotel guests get to choose between a Lazy River Pool, a Children’s Play Pool, an Adventure Pool, and the famous Pamukkale Pool, which is where all Instagrammers hang out to take the perfect shots. Besides the different pools, a pool bar at Pamukkale Pool is also ideal during afternoons. It was not yet open when we arrived; it was pretty early in the morning. However, we did see it being quite active with many customers during the afternoon when many guests could not handle the humid Singapore weather.

We woke up early in the morning to try to beat the other hotel guests, only to see many Koreans already enjoying themselves in the pool. This is a trend I noticed during my hotel stays. Koreans are generally morning people, and it is common to see them exercising early in the morning. I remember seeing Koreans swimming lap after lap at Pan Pacific Hanoi when I had only just woken up to have a quiet breakfast at the buffet.

Having said the above, however, the pool was large enough to accommodate everyone. We captured all the Instagram-worthy shots we wanted and spent some time swimming. It was a beautiful morning and a great start to our day!

Besides the swimming pool shared with Village Hotel Sentosa, Outpost Hotel has its swimming pool on the rooftop. Known as the Sky Pool, it is a relatively small pool compared to its cousin below. Really a party pool, we saw few people swimming at this pool. It looked beautiful at night when the music started blasting. Otherwise, this pool is great in the day and could be the one for those who prefer quietness. It is also easy to get some drinks as the bar is beside the pool.

Outpost Hotel shares a gymnasium with Village Hotel Sentosa, but unfortunately, we did not figure out how to enter the gym. It appeared to be within Village Hotel Sentosa, and we did not bother to find out if we could enter the hotel using our Outpost Hotel keycards. Rest assured, though, Outpost Hotel guests can use the gym!

In the spirit of sharing facilities, hotel guests can enjoy a spa at Oasia Spa, just a short walk from Oasia Resort Sentosa. Those who prefer a quiet, nice massage or spa pampering session should check them out.



During our stay at Outpost Hotel, we mostly stayed there to relax and enjoy the facilities and restaurants. We simply wanted to relax and have a staycation where we could walk as little as possible. Hence, we could try the various food options at the hotel.

Sol & Ora

First up, we went to Sol & Ora, the hotel’s flagship restaurant located on the roof, for afternoon tea. We sat by the windows to enjoy the swimming pool view in air-conditioned comfort. The food was quite decent, and we enjoyed the experience. Service was also excellent, and the manager ensured we were happy. The portion was adequate, and you did not feel too full or bloated after the meal. I liked that the sweet treats were not too sweet, meaning you could taste the desserts. Unfortunately, coffee is made from a machine, so you get the same standard as you usually get from attending a conference. You get one refill, so enjoy two cups of coffee or tea during the meal. The excellent service made up for it, as the manager proactively offered an additional coffee after noticing I had finished my first cup.

Breakfast is also served at the same restaurant, and we had a forgettable experience this time. Outpost Hotel does not offer breakfast buffets, so you get a set meal for breakfast. We had eight options during our stay and decided on the Kimchi Rice and Toasted Bagel Eggs Benedict. Besides the main course, breakfast consisted of a fruit bowl and a croissant each. Guests could also self-service free-flow fruit juices, coffee, and tea. Overall, breakfast was underwhelming. While the food tasted decent, we were only somewhat full after breakfast. The choices were limited as well. Even though our room rate came with breakfast, we skipped the hotel breakfast during our final morning, went to the beach, and enjoyed a delicious brunch at Coastes.

1-Altitude Coast

We decided to try the rooftop bar beside Sky Pool during our first night. Located within Outpost Hotel, it offers privacy compared to the other restaurants. We settled down and ordered a seafood platter with an additional BBQ pork ribs. Comprising many different types of seafood, including prawns, soft shell crabs, and scallops, it was a sumptuous meal with a can of Coca-Cola. We managed to grab a seat by the end of the pool to catch some fireworks at the nearby attraction. Trying to see the fireworks while we waited for the food was also fun.

It could get windy at night, so make sure you do not leave any loose items on the table. As it could get quite dark and the table’s internal light attracts insects, the staff helped fix external mini table lights so that we could see what we were eating during our meal.

This was the best meal we enjoyed at Outpost Hotel. It was a pity that Sol & Ora was underwhelming, and we do not suggest heading there for breakfast, especially if your room rate does not come with it. There are many eateries in Sentosa, and one could easily get more value than what you would pay for breakfast (S$42++ per person) at Sol & Ora.

Room Service

During our final night at Outpost Hotel, we decided to stay in as there was a football match and I wanted to catch the game. My partner was extremely nice about it and happily supported my suggestion of ordering a room-service meal for dinner.

The Outpost Hotel Room Service - Dinner with a view
The Outpost Hotel Room Service - Dinner with a view

As fans of local food, we ordered Chicken Rice and Lobster Laksa. For dessert, we went international and had a Burnt Banana Crumble with a scoop of ice cream. We also grabbed a fresh coconut and a can of Coca-Cola to go with our food. As the room service offerings were conveniently shown on the television, we managed to order our food quickly and easily. Before long, the food arrived.

As expected, the chicken rice was delicious. The rice was fragrant and oily in a good way. It came with a generous portion of chicken meat and was similarly tasty. We loved that it was tender and not overcooked. The vegetables were also great and went well with the rice and meat. Many chicken rice lovers insist on the importance of chilli sauce and know we have to try it. It was great, and we found ourselves soaking the meat and rice with chilli sauce each time we took a bite. It was not too spicy and should suit everyone’s palate. Those who are a little more adventurous should try mixing it with the ginger sauce, which should add a little kick to the overall taste. For non-spicy lovers, combine the dark soy sauce generously with the rice. You should love it. The soup acted as an excellent palate cleanser and we drank it all up. We always feel a plate of chicken rice should have a nice bowl of soup to complement it. Perhaps it is because we have been used to eating chicken rice this way since we were young. We love a bowl of cabbage soup with fishballs whenever we eat chicken rice.

The lobster laksa was next. Combining a rich broth with the right spiciness, it was a great dish to devour after having a plate of chicken rice. For fans of coconut milk, this laksa should suit your taste. We enjoyed drinking the broth as much as we loved the noodles and other ingredients. Similar to the chicken rice, there was a generous portion of ingredients, from the lobster to the egg to the rest of it. A hardboiled egg is always welcome in a laksa, and it was perfect. It took us very little time to wipe the bowl clean.

Finally, we came to the sweet treat to end the final dinner at the hotel. Those with a sweet tooth should love the Burnt Banana Crumble. It was a nice change from local mains to a Western dessert. The dessert was moist inside and went well with the caramel sauce drizzled around the plate. We also enjoyed the fresh fruits that complimented the banana crumble. As the scoop of ice cream came in a separate container, we could eat it alone or have it with the banana crumble. It almost felt like a separate dish altogether.

We had a very satisfying room service dinner at The Outpost Hotel Sentosa. Every dish was cooked to perfection, and the portions were generous. From the mains to the desserts, everything was great. A can of Coca-Cola and a fresh coconut were the best ways to complete the meal. We can see ourselves hiding in our room and enjoying a room service meal the next time we book a stay here!

The Outpost Hotel Room Service - Our room service dinner
The Outpost Hotel Room Service - Our room service dinner


The Outpost Hotel has three room categories, all the same size. The only difference is the view that the room provides. Guests can select the primary room (without any particular view advertised), pool view, and the sea view. We opted for the sea view room since we figured we could have a great pool view whenever we went swimming. We also love a good sea view from which to start our day!

At only 24 square metres, the room has to be designed with efficiency in mind. Yet, it still must look classy enough for the seasoned traveller. The Outpost Hotel scored perfect in this area. When you first step into the room, you are welcomed by lots of natural light. We loved how bright this makes the room feel. Immediately to our right is the open-concept wardrobe with enough space to put your luggage below. A cabinet with a safe is located right below to store your belongings and valuables. Right beside the wall is an ironing board and iron that are situated ideally so the room does not feel cramped with many different things.

Caffeine options are unique at The Outpost Hotel. While guests can enjoy the standard Nespresso capsules when they want coffee, tea lovers enjoy something unique. Created by Pryce Tea especially for The Outpost Hotel, guests can enjoy two types of tea: British Breakfast and Siloso Night. As the names suggest, each kind of tea suits the morning and night. We appreciate that The Outpost Hotel treats tea lovers to something special rather than opting for the usual teabags that guests are accustomed to. This may be expected for this hotel as the minibar options are already unique and special.

Beside the wardrobe is the washing area with piped filtered drinking water for guests to enjoy. This is increasingly common in Singapore hotels, where guests can enjoy complimentary drinking water without using a plastic bottle. It saves a lot of time, effort, and needless plastic, and this is a complete win-win-win for hotels, guests, and the environment. That the water tasted great is a great bonus!

The bathroom is on the room’s left side, where the toilet and standing shower are located. Nicely designed with sliding doors, the room feels larger without obstructions whenever one takes a shower. We love the simple design of the standing shower, as you only need to select one of two buttons to decide which mode to use. You then turn the knob to your preferred water temperature. The toilet is fitted with a TOTO electronic washlet, so guests are pampered each time they need to use the restroom. This is fast becoming a criterion for determining the hotels that are actually five-star!

Toiletries are by Appelles, so you know The Outpost Hotel does not skimp on the small stuff. Guests are also offered dental and shaving kits, so you know you are well cared for.

As mentioned earlier,